NeverAlcohol Application

Two Versions of NeverAlcohol!

Mild Version

  • NeverAlcohol Mild is focused on changing facial expressions to change and remove emotional information about alcohol in the brain.
  • With mild contents, it is available without burden.

Powerful Version

  • NeverAlcohol Powerful consisted of more powerful contents to remove emotional information of alcohol in the brain.
  • It is effective, but it could be little uncomfortable to the beginner of NeverAlcohol.

Contents is updated continuously!

The world’s only anti-drinking therapy mobile application based on brain science!

  • NeverAlcohol is an anti-drinking therapeutic program that has been developed by the SR Mind Institute through 6 years of research on 1,000 clinical trials on cognitive method of stop drinking. (It is not a simple drinking management App.)
  • NeverAlcohol enables you to quit drinking permanently by removing the fundamental drinking neuron which is an emotional information attracting thoughts of alcohol.
  • NeverAlcohol enables a powerful quitting drinking effect through activation of the mirror neurons through the innate facial recognition system of the brain, emotional priming through facial feedback and thoracic respiration. It is a safe yet a powerful therapy to quit drinking.
  • NeverAlcohol removes the false reward system created by alcohol in the drinker’s brain and replaces it with a new synaptic connection.
  • NeverAlcohol enables the drinker to gain an accurate understanding of one’s addiction so that they can intelligently and systematically manage the drinking desires in order to make thoughts of alcohol to never recur and quit drinking permanently in a short period of time.

Just simply follow what you see and quit drinking for good!

  • NeverAlcohol app runs based on automatic analysis of the drinker’s dispositions, patterns and terms of drinking and their sensorial characteristics.
  • It is designed so that the user can quit drinking by merely mimicking the contents on the screen.
  • NeverAlcohol app is based on years of data and expert know-hows on drinking cessation.
  • With NeverAlcohol, you will be able to quit drinking for good in the most healthy and fundamental way and you will never crave drinking.

* NeverAlcohol may be ineffective to the following people.

  • Those who have no intention of quitting drinking.
  • Those who have prosopagnosia.
  • Those who are psychologically instable (ex. Suicidal etc.)
  • Those who are doubtful, those who have psychological disorder or have difficulty concentrating on the screen etc.

You will be surprised how easy quitting drinking can be.

* Program Explanation

Use it when the urge to drinking emerge

  • The urge of drink signals that the drinking-neurons have activated in the brain.
  • The best time to remove the drinking-neurons is when the synaptic connection of these drinking-neurons starts firing and the blood flow in the brain increase.
  • Until now, you perhaps didn’t have a choice but to tolerate when drinking urges appear. But now this powerful tool called NeverAlcohol will help you to ultimately eradicate this drinking-neuron in your brain.
  • From now on, just start NeverAlcohol whenever you feel like drinking, press the button and follow the steps provided.


How much do you crave alcohol?

  • Choose your subjective level of drinking urge between the scales 1 to 10.
  • 1~2 : Almost none
  • 3~4 : Low
  • 5~6 : Tolerable
  • 7~8 : Somewhat hard to tolerate
  • 9~10 : Impossible to tolerate

Step 1 : Activation of mirror neurons (Make a disgusted face)

  • Drinking-neurons have activated and makes you crave alcohol. Now is the preparation stage to remove the drinking-neurons.

Step 2 : Removal of the drinking-neurons (Keep disgusted face expression)

  • Removal of the drinking-neurons in the brain begins using brain science.

Step 3 : Emotion relaxation, thoracic respiration

  • After the drinking-neurons have been disconnected, user will go through an emotional relaxation stage.

Step 4 : Real reward stage (Make & Keep smiling face)

  • The false reward system from alcohol is now replaced with real reward system using brain science.

Data statistics

  • You can see how your drinking urge changed over time through bar graphs and line graphs.
  • The level of drinking urge can be seen in today, final, timely, daily, weekly, monthly data.

Mild Version

Powerful Version

Contents is updated continuously!