Principle of NeverAddict ( NeverSmoking & NeverAlcohol )

Two Information Systems of the Brain

There are two information systems in the human brain. One is a rational system and the other is an emotional system that operate unconsciously.

This emotional information runs unconsciously which is why people do not know of its existence. But it is an important information for the brain related to its survival.

The emotional information is largely comprised of information it attracts (+emotions, pleasant emotions : love, like, beneficial etc) and information it inhibits (-emotions, unpleasant emotions : fear, anxiousness, hate, disgust etc.)

For example, a person who experiences stomachache on a particular food tend to avoid this food thereafter. This is because the emotional information in the brain switched from being an attracting information to an inhibiting information. Even before the brain has a chance to consider the food rationally, you are instantly disgusted as the body reacts automatically at the moment of seeing or even hearing about the food.

The process of addiction is exactly the opposite. There are hormones in the brain such as dopamine, which is naturally released from the brain as part of the reward system. The problem is, the brain falsely interprets this dopamine from nicotine(alcohol) as a beneficial reward and goes into forming a false reward system. In other words, the emotional information due to addictive substance such as the nicotine(alcohol) is changed as a information to be attracted.

Every addiction attributable to these kinds of false emotional information system development. Behavioral addiction such as gambling, game addiction, or substance addiction such as nicotine addiction, alcohol addiction, drug addiction etc. only differs in its forms but both of them runs on basically the same process.

This false attraction is especially strong for substance or behavioral addictions because they are emotional in nature that provides sense of relief.

Addiction due to Selective Learning

But highly evolved human biological system is not so easily addicted merely by the presence of addictive substance such as the nicotine and alcohol.

Addiction occurs easily for lower animals like rats by simple injection of nicotine or alcohol, but for humans, addiction development involves the rational functioning of the brain and selective learning.

For example, just because the smoker’s family members have considerable level of nicotine(normally 25% of an average smoker) in the body due to indirect smoking, do not mean they will automatically be addicted to nicotine. In fact, most of them hate cigarette.

If everyone becomes addicted just by having nicotine in their body, then probably everyone on earth will be smokers. Half-life of nicotine inside the body is approximately 2 hours. So if one suspend smoking for 3~5 days, the nicotine will be completely gone from the body system (alcohol will completely decompose in a couple of days and will be completely gone from your body). This means that everyone who suspended smoking or drinking for a week should have successfully quit. But we know very well that this is not the case. This suggests that nicotine(or alcohol) and addiction is not correlated with each other.

In other words, in the brain of a smoker(drinker), emotional information of cigarette(alcohol) is interpreted as an attraction regardless of the presence of nicotine(alcohol) in the body. While in the brain of a non-smoker(non-drinker), the information about cigarette(alcohol) is encoded as an inhibitory even if there exists nicotine(alcohol) in the body.

This is exactly why smokers and drinkers still crave cigarette and alcohol even after nicotine and alcohol is gone from their body from years of quitting smoking and drinking. It is not the nicotine and alcohol that craves nicotine and alcohol, but it is the information in the brain that craves nicotine and alcohol.

Unconscious Activation of Smoking and Alcohol Neurons

The problem is that once such emotional information is formed inside the brain, they are activated very rapidly and unconsciously so that it is almost impossible to control them rationally or with substance. This is exactly why so many smokers and drinkers fail to quit smoking and drinking after 1~2 years of withdrawal despite sufficient understanding of its harms.

Majority(95%) of those that tried to quit smoking through sole determination, nicotine patch, anti-smoking drug, anti-alcohol drug etc. fail within a year because they haven’t yet removed this smoking(alcohol) neuron of emotional information. ( Changing the nature of such emotional information through aforementioned methods take minimum 10~15 years on average )

Without removing this smoking or alcohol neuron, one will continue to crave smoking or alcohol during withdrawal. One has to simply restrain oneself as the withdrawal symptoms continues to emerge. Quit smoking(drinking) on the outside, but the brain suffers because it has not genuinely quit yet. Many people rather suffer from the drug side effects and end up go back to smoking or drinking within 1~2 years.

The reason that it is hard to completely cease smoking even with a strong determination, anti-smoking(drinking) drugs or indoctrinating the harms is because it is extremely difficult to set back this instant activation of emotional information that runs inside the unconscious. This is the reason why smokers or drinkers simply fail to continue to quit permanently. It is a matter of brain structure and the information processing system which is why you can’t accuse their failures for simply their lack of determination.

To successfully treat addiction, one needs to deal with the problem wisely based on a proper understanding of addiction. In other words, you should quit smoking or drinking wisely. If you pick the wrong method for quitting and merely rely on your determination, anti-smoking(anti-drinking) drugs, chances are that you will devastate yourself physically and mentally on false withdrawal only to end up failing

Quitting smoking or drinking wisely - NeverAddict( NeverSmoking – NeverAlcohol )

NeverSmoking(NeverAlcohol) reverses the process of instant emotional information system in the brain to remove addiction. In other words, treating emotional information with emotional information.

Human express their emotions primarily through facial expressions and they feel the emotions through the heart and chest. Through evolution, humans have socially evolved mirror neurons that detect facial expressions of others and gather and process the emotional information. In addition, the reason why somatic symptoms appear not in the brain but in the heart is because we sense emotions in our heart and chest.

NeverSmoking(NeverAlcohol) fundamentally removes this emotional information related to smoking and drinking by naturally stimulating and priming emotions using these facial detection instincts and thoracic respiration. In other words, changing the nature of information about smoking and drinking from attraction to a inhibition.

NeverSmoking(NeverAlcohol) is safe, easy and is free from side effects because it is based on the natural brain functioning.

What is more, NeverSmoking(NeverAlcohol) quickly removes these falsely formed emotional information. The goal in average is to remove them within a month. ( Duration may vary depending on the person’s initial level of smoking(drinking). People that smoke less than one pack(20 cigarettes) per day can reach removal within days or 1 month. )

This changed information in the brain inhibits smoking-related(alcohol-related) thoughts in the unconscious. This way the smokers(drinkers) will never have recurrent thoughts about smoking(drinking) and will be able to quit smoking(drinking) permanently.

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Just simply follow what you see and quit smoking and drinking for good!

You will be surprised how easy quitting smoking and drinking can be.