How to Use the NeverSmoking Application

* Program Explanation

  • Follow and copy the facial expressions in each stage and make sure you concentrate on the images and the messages provided.
  • NeverSmoking relies on the natural and instinctual function of the human brain, which is facial expression recognition, to activates the mirror neurons.
  • Thus, we encourage you to play the program in a place where there is minimum distraction to the visual images and where it is not too loud.
  • The program itself does not have any sound effect in order to help the user concentrate on the visual expressions.

Use it when the urge to smoking emerge

  • The urge of smoke signals that the smoking neurons have activated in the brain.
  • The best time to remove the smoking neurons is when the synaptic connection of these smoking neurons starts firing and the blood flow in the brain increase.
  • Until now, you perhaps didn’t have a choice but to tolerate when smoking urges appear. But now this powerful tool called NeverSmoking will help you to ultimately eradicate this smoking neuron in your brain.
  • From now on, just start NeverSmoking whenever you feel like smoking, press the button and follow the steps provided.


How much do you crave cigarette?

  • Choose your subjective level of smoking urge between the scales 1 to 10.
  • 1~2 : Almost none
  • 3~4 : Low
  • 5~6 : Tolerable
  • 7~8 : Somewhat hard to tolerate
  • 9~10 : Impossible to tolerate
  • This smoking urge scale is going to be used as the statistical data to show how the user performs over time. The program also automatically analyze the user’s urge as a basis to run the program.

From here, follow and copy the facial expressions as exact as possible!

Step 1 : Activation of mirror neurons (Make a disgusted face)

  • Smoking-neurons have activated and makes you crave cigarette. The inhibiting emotional information should be associated with the smoking-neurons.
  • As you mimic the disgusted faces, the brain automatically activates disgust affect through the mirror neurons and with the facial feedback, it reinforces the disgust affect.
  • From now on, the screen will automatically skip to the next slide. Please follow the messages in the screen in a sincere manner.

* Make a disgusted face
1. pinch the nose
2. lower the eyebrows
3. pull your upper lips up

Step 2 : Removal of the smoking-neurons (Keep disgusted face expression)

  • Removal of the smoking-neurons in the brain begins using brain science.
  • Continue to follow and do as the facial expression icons on the screen. ( You can adjust the position and the size of the expression icons by dragging or clicking the icon.)
  • For maximum effect, you should follow the faces and the messages in the most sincere manner. The brain can never lie to itself.

* Keep disgusted face expression

Step 3 : Emotion relaxation (thoracic respiration)

  • After the smoking-neurons have been disconnected, user will go through an emotional relaxation stage.
  • Relax your face and breathe deeply and slowly through your chest.
  • The thoracic, along with your face, is a channel for emotions.
  • As you breathe deeply with your chest, make sure you press or put your hand on the body(chest) part of the number designated.

Step 4 : Real reward stage (Make & Keep smiling face)

  • The false reward system from nicotine is now replaced with real reward system using brain science.
  • The genuine reward step will make the brain release genuine dopamine as you think of the real smiles, resting place and the people you like.

* Make and Keep smiling face
1. smiling eyes
2. pull up the corner of the lips

Final stage

  • In the last step, you will check your body condition.
  • If the following symptoms appear, it means you have successfully followed the previous steps.
    (When your emotion responds properly, the body will also respond accordingly)
  • Feel like vomiting,
  • Feel nauseous
  • Throat feels soar,
  • Stomach feels sick
  • If none of the symptoms above appear, this means that you have either not properly followed the facial expressions or was not deeply immersed.


Data statistics

  • You can see how your smoking urge changed over time through bar graphs and line graphs.
  • The level of smoking urge can be seen in today, final, timely, daily, weekly, monthly data.

Setting and Information

Set User Information

  • When the user enters in the information, the program will automatically run in a mode based on the analysis of the user’s sensorial characteristics, type of smoking, period of smoking etc.

Set Theme

Set Others